About PED

The international conference on Pedestrian and Evacuation Dynamics (PED) is held every two years with an international participation of scientists, practitioners and representatives of authorities.

The field of movement and evacuation dynamics of pedestrians is an inter- and multidisciplinary area. The methodology of experimental work has expanded considerably in recent years and includes precise trajectories as well as measurements of socio-psychological factors such as heart rate or electrodermal activity. The modelling of evacuation and pedestrian dynamics has expanded from physical models to include different psychosocial processes that take into account decision making and group behaviour. New developments in AI, augmented reality, games and 3D modelling are other new trends.

Pedestrian and evacuation dynamics welcomes contributions from physics, mathematics, engineering, computer science and vision, psychology and sociology as well as contributions from practitioners.

Previous events from this conference series:

  1. Duisburg, Germany (2001): proceedings
  2. Greenwich, UK (2003): proceedings
  3. Vienna, Austria (2005): proceedings
  4. Wuppertal, Germany (2008): proceedings
  5. Gaithersburg, USA (2010): proceedings
  6. Zurich, Switzerland (2012): proceedings
  7. Delft, the Netherlands (2014): proceedings
  8. Hefei, China (2016): proceedings
  9. Lund, Sweden (2018): proceedings
  10. Melbourne, Australia (2021): articles

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